An Online Training Platform for Deliver Drivers
Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI) is an online training platform for many of the world’s best-known fleets. It was founded by Dr. Jim Voorhees, who started his career as an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam and then moved on to work in training and simulators with NASA. He instills in ITI the life-altering importance of quality training.

Create a Logo for ClearDrive
Revere reached out to collaborate on a logo for ClearDrive, a new division of Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI). Based on the client's need, I designed several variations of the logo. One version used a speedometer, another used motion lines, and the final design used yellow lines as seen on the road to divide traffic. 
3-4 weeks

My Role
Graphic Design, Logo Design 

Matt Cole, Creative Direction 
Michele Mather, Project Mngmt
Lindsey Norberg, Design  

This graphic was made in partnership with Revere

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