A Local Septic Company
MTI Contractors is a septic company in Battle Ground, WA, specializing in home and business septic installations. The company recently started struggling to stand out against a growing number of competitors. So, we sought to create a brand that was memorable and had an instant emotional connection.
Create a Brand to Make them Stand Out
Based on MTI Contractor's needs, I created and entirely new brand that stands apart not only in our local community but, from every other septic company in the industry. I achieved this by starting with a competitive analysis of the industry. After intensive research, it was easy to see there was little creativity in the market so, it would be easy to create a memorable experience. 
3-4 Weeks, July- Aug 2020

My Role
Branding & Illustration

Brand Identify System
The Happy Septic Logo
Alternative color of the Happy Septic Logo
The Happy Septic Mascot
Happy Septic Business Cards
Happy Septic t-shirt (Front)
Happy Septic t-shirt (Back)

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